1055 West College Ave, Suite C.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Ph: 707.575.1313
Located in the G&G Shopping Center

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Dollar Drug, the original compounding pharmacy of Sonoma County, has been providing customers with exceptional personalized service since 1984. As one of the last independent pharmacies in the area, you'll find our staff to be knowledgeable and friendly. While our commitment to professional and reliable service is still the most important aspect of our business, we offer many patient care services that go beyond what your average drug store can offer.

As a compounding pharmacy, we find creative solutions to medication-related issues that can affect every member of your family. We use only the purest ingredients and our continuing quality assurance program is rigorous. Our specialties include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, veterinary compounding, chemical and dietary sensitivities, cosmeceuticals, heavy metal chelation therapies, and creative pain management solutions. Whether it is a child-friendly antibiotic suspension for the baby, testosterone therapy for Dad, hormone replacement therapy for Mom, pain management cream for Grandpa’s arthritis, or thyroid medication for the family cat, we take pride in knowing that every medication we make is of the highest quality.

At Dollar Drug, we are dedicated to filling the gaps in our healthcare community. We provide a large variety of diabetic, ostomy, and urological supplies. We also carry select immunizations, and offer hormone consultations. Dollar Drug maintains a large and diverse inventory to help provide our patients and providers with common and hard-to-find pharmaceuticals at everyday low prices. We also offer mail-out services and convenient store hours to ensure that our patients have access to the care they need. The field of healthcare is ever-changing, but through all the growth and modernization, Dollar Drug Pharmacy has maintained the intimacy of a neighborhood pharmacy.